First Class Vehicle Installation

Our dedicated Handsfree Group vehicle technician team is driven by providing the highest standards of vehicle

installation across North America.

This would not be possible without the support of our experienced Project Management staff, who make sure every

vehicle installation we undertake follows our in-depth processes at the highest quality and exceed the latest industry


Plan and Prepare

Our clients are personally supported by one of our dedicated and qualified Handsfree Group Project Managers, and a

team of installation coordinators who all liaise closely with operational teams and stakeholders throughout the life of a

project to ensure the objectives and deliverables are successfully met.

An installation project journey starts by working closely with our clients operation team to create a comprehensive

installation plan, define the processes, and set up the communication plan which will be followed throughout the

lifecycle of the project.

A key outcome of this early stage is the creation of the project scope, supported with comprehensive install

specification documents, where we indicate actual product locations and install pick up points on all vehicle types

within a project, and include a full ‘Build of Materials’ (BOM) breakdown.


With scope and specification agreed a dedicated Project Manager is responsible for carefully assembling a client

specific team of qualified and experienced Handsfree Group vehicle technicians to install your equipment, at any

location convenient to you any time, day or night to minimize vehicle downtime.

Handsfree Group vehicle technicians operate across North America and are experts in specialist vehicle

communication, safety systems, and security. We are extremely proud to work in partnership with most of the leading

fleet operators in the industry.

Ahead of installation work commencing assigned technicians are briefed and equipped with a comprehensive

pre-install checklist and job specific details to ensure a successful install is achieved first time everytime. All installed

devices and equipment is commissioned onsite to ensure a working product.

Insight Driven

Our continued partnership with our IT software providers encourages innovation and excellence across our business

and helps future-proof us. Consequently we are be able to be even more responsive for our customers, delivering

specialized reporting that gives 360 degree project visibility at all stages.


Installation quality inspections are conducted by our experienced technician management team. These are completed

alongside our vehicle technicians and, if necessary can be implemented to a clients exact specific auditing


Our highly qualified Vehicle Technician Managers will check the whole installation experience, including the

Technician’s communication with the host site, while checking that site safety regulations have been adhered to.

Our inspection process includes auditing the placement of equipment, compared to the agreed specification and

included a photo of equipment placement. Additionally, they will inspect the installation of all wire routing.

Our installation and technician management processes ensure customer satisfaction is the priority of everyone within

our organization.

● All installations are measured against predetermined key performance indicators

● Vehicle Technicians abide by our comprehensive strict ‘Code of Conduct’ while working on site

● All Handsfree Group Staff receive continual training and ongoing personal development

● Handsfree invest in the latest I.T systems, software and technology

● Regular technician audits

Our Pledge

We are driven by being the best and customer satisfaction is at the center of everything we do.

We aim to exceed the installation needs of our customers, offering complete turnkey planning, project management,

customer support, engineering, and vehicle integration expertise. We are driven by being the best in everything we