Datalive integrates with Last Mile Courier Tracking

The Easiest Way to Navigate

Two breakthrough alternative ways of identifying delivery locations have emerged, which are able to divide the planet into trillions of 10 x 10 foot squares. Consequently, both are able to map every location on Earth with codes that are more accurate, comprehensive and compact than street addresses, zip codes or latitude/longitude coordinates.

Handsfree Group is adopting these revolutionary geocoding systems into their Datalive telematics software to help customers, such as parcel delivery companies, find precise postal addresses.


These new techniques are a welcome breakthrough. In the United States, undelivered mail costs USPS $1.6B a year.

Datalive has announced that it’s adopting both of these new geocoding techniques into their telematics software, which use either just three words, or a unique tag, to help drivers find their way to precise locations first time, every time.

Handsfree Group is partnering with geocode leaders such as “What3words” and “PostTude”, among others for this initiative, which will integrate their innovative mapping technology with Davalive’s fleet business products later this year.

Three Words

The company’s name describes perfectly how their system works: What3Words identifies every location in the world with three words. Each unique string of words describes a 10 foot by 10 foot square. For example, the three words moss.founder.halt describes the very spot outside the Handsfree Group Head Office, while an adjacent spot is inhibit.coupler.rooks.

With What3words, you could communicate the exact location of a caravan in a packed campsite, a hut on a clifftop, the scene of an accident, or a depot in a vast city — even if they don’t have a reliable addressing system. Fleet managers, dispatch offices, emergency services, and anyone who needs to communicate a difficult-to-find location can do so with just three simple words.

33 Feet

Just like What3Words, the navigation pioneers name explains exactly how their technology works: PostTude creates a totally unique I.D for any address in the world, through unique 13 digit “tags” which provide a precise location within a 33-by-33 foot grid.

Using proprietary technology, users send an API request to PostTudes server, which makes extensive checks against a given address across its many databases. Their server then supplies a five-digit code which would apply to a large area, a nine-digit code which would apply to a smaller area and a 13-digit code which would provide the most detailed description of a location within a 33-by-33 metre grid.

The driver now has a unique PostTude tag for that specific location – a PostTude that will guide them to within 33 feet of the exact target location, by means of last mile courier tracking. They’ll be guided to the exact address, with absolute accuracy – even in the most demanding situations.


“Whether you’re a courier trying to make an important delivery or the emergency services trying to reach the scene of an accident in the centre of New York, Datalive wants to get you there as quickly and safely as possible.” Said Handsfree Groups Managing Director, Matthew Johnson. “Onboarding geocode technology demonstrates our commitment to developing a pioneering telematics solution, which embraces cutting edge technology.”